FAA6.K Code Listings : 02 AFTS Category Codes
AFTS Category Codes
AFTS Category Codes are displayed on the FAA/OSI CASE HISTORY Screen in the Auto Fraud Tracking System (AFTS). The following is a list of those category codes:
AP (Absent Parent - CA)
AST (Assets)
CCM (Computer Cross Match)
CCR (Child Care Recipient)
DBP (Dead Beat Parent)
DI (Dual Identity/Issuance)
DV (Drug Violation not generated by cross match)
EBT (EBT Trafficking)
EMP (Employee)
ESC (Work Furlough Escape)
EST (DSCE Establishment)
FOR (Forgery)
GC (Good Cause)
HHC (Household Composition)/Living Arrangement
INC (Income)
LOC (Locate)
PRI (Prior to 12/14/98)
PRO (Providers)
RES (Residency)
SS (Social Services)
TID (Theft of Identification)
UIC (UI Claimants)
UIE (UI Employers Contractors)
UIF (UI Farm Labor)
VEH (Vehicles)