.01 FAA Pilot Programs Definition
Before implementing new programs or procedures statewide, FAA often initiates a pilot program in a county or Region first. Prior to the beginning of the pilot, staff located in the designated pilot area(s) are instructed on the processing requirements and procedures developed for the pilot.
Currently, FAA is conducting the following pilots:
EBT Online Purchasing Pilot
The EBT Online Purchasing Pilot was introduced in the Agricultural Act of 2014 (PL-113-79), also known as the Farm Bill. Beginning 04/30/2020, Arizona is one of a few states who have been approved to participate in the EBT Online Purchasing Pilot. This pilot allows NA participants to purchase groceries online and CA participants to use their benefits to purchase products online. For additional information regarding the Online Purchasing Pilot go to https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/online-purchasing-pilot.
The following retailers have been approved to accept EBT benefits for online purchases:
ALDI Grocery Stores at www.instacart.com/aldi
Amazon at www.amazon.com
Walmart at www.walmart.com
Local grocery store customers may have the following options:
Pick up the items ordered at the store
Have the items delivered to a specific address provided by the participant
Not all grocery stores offer the delivery option, or they may not be able to deliver to a specific address. Participants should contact the store for the options available, including delivery cost options.
NOTE NA benefits cannot be used to pay for delivery fees. CA participants may use their CA EBT Account to pay for fees.
American Sign Language (ASL) Pilot Project
FAA is introducing a pilot project to aid hearing-impaired customers receive the same day service that other customers receive. Currently hearing-impaired customers are not given the choice of having an interview the same day unless they supply their own interpreter. Before using the customer’s interpreter, the FAA must offer the customer the option to use ASL interpreting services.
The current process normally takes two to three days for an interview. This pilot offers an interpreter within 15 to 20 minutes in most cases. This is done with a contracted interpreting service that can be reached through the aid of a laptop designated for this purpose. The pilot is currently being tested in the following offices:
Site Code 755 – Chandler
Site Code 344 – Cottonwood
Site Code 433 – Yuma
Site Code 415 – Bullhead City