FAA6.N Examples : 46 Close Notice Example
46 Close Notice Example
Minnie was approved to receive NA benefits on 02/02/17, for the approval period of 02/02/17 through 07/31/17. On 03/01/17, she reported a change that she had quit her job at Oui Dress Formal Wear to begin a new job at Waggo Pet Supply. On 03/02/17 the worker mailed an Information Needed-NA (F011) with a due date of 03/12/17, requesting verification of terminated employment and the new income. Minnie provided the verification of the terminated employment from Oui Dress Formal Wear, but did not provide verification for Waggo Pet Supply. On 03/12/17 the NA case was closed with the VI code effective for the benefit month of 04/17. The worker correctly selected check boxes in the NA Deny/Closure (F200) notice next to.
NUTRITION ASSISTANCE STOPPED. You did not give us the requested information.
Wages (keying the name Waggo Pet Supply in the appropriate space).