FAA6.N Examples : 26 Self-Employment Income (SEEI/SEEW) Examples : I Anticipating Self-Employment Example
I Anticipating Self-Employment Example
Ethan applies and is interviewed on August 16. Ethan began working as an Uber driver on June 7 and meets the self-employment definition. Ethan reports and verifies he received the following income:
÷1 $100
June is the initial month of income and is a partial month. June’s income is excluded from the average. August is the current month and is a partial month. August’s income is excluded from the average. Ethan’s average monthly income is $100.
Ethan states his car broke down in July and July’s income is not expected to continue. Ethan estimates that his monthly income will be $800. The income verification and discussion with the participant supports the anticipated monthly amount. Budget the anticipated amount of $800 as the monthly income.