FAA6.N Examples : 24 Unearned Income (UNIN/UNIC ) Examples : Q Budgeting Support Example 4
Q Budgeting Support Example 4
The PI submits an application and is interviewed in April. The PI states child support is sporadic. Review the amounts received in the three prior calendar months. Add the support income amounts in the months income was received along with the zero income months. Divide the 3 month support income total by the 3 months used in the budget.
3 month total
$290/3= $96.66
$96.66 total average monthly amount of support income
Key the resulting figure as follows:
Key MO in the FREQ field on UNIC.
Key $96.66 in the GROSS AMOUNT field on UNIC.
Key the appropriate Unearned Income Code in the INC TYP field on UNIC.