FAA6.N Examples : 15 Race/Residency/Ethnicity (RARE) Examples : C Reapplication After Residency Denial Example 1
C Reapplication After Residency Denial Example 1
Carlos applied for MA on 08/05. Carlos was interviewed on 08/05. The MA application was denied on 08/09 for failure to verify Arizona residency.
On 08/12, Carlos reapplied. At the interview on 08/04, Carlos completed the FAA-1111A, and was asked to provide verification of Arizona residency.
On 08/20, Carlos provided an Arizona motor vehicle registration issued (in his name) to him on 08/16.
On 08/25, the worker approved MA for Carlos. The worker keyed 08/16 in the AZ RES DATE field on RESE. This established 08/16 as the effective date of MA eligibility for Carlos, as all eligibility requirements were met on 08/16.