FAA6.N Examples : 07 Scheduling the Interview Examples : A NA No Face-to-Face Example
A NA No Face-to-Face Example
The local office received an application from Stevie on 04/05/01. Stevie was interviewed for NA on 04/10/01. Stevie is not required to have a face-to-face interview until an application is turned in April 2002 or later.
NA benefits were approved for 04/05/01 - 06/30/01. Subsequent interviews are conducted by phone and the approval periods were the following:
07/01/01 through 09/30/01
10/01/01 through 03/31/02
The most recent telephone interview was 03/15/02 and benefits were approved for 04/01/02 through 09/30/02.
The next renewal interview must be conducted face-to-face for the approval period beginning 10/01/02.