FAA6.M Contact Information : 79 Office of Special Investigations (OSI)
79 Office of Special Investigations (OSI)
The address for the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) is as follows:
Site code 064C
The email address for ordering posters for the local office is as follows:
For release of confidential information to law enforcement, the law enforcement agency must complete and send via email one of the following forms to [email protected]:
Law Enforcement Liaison Request – Person Inquiry (OSI‑1035A)
Law Enforcement Liaison Request – Business Employee and Wage Inquiry (OSI‑1036A)
Out-of-State Client Welfare/Unemployment Insurance Verification (OSI‑1037A)Police Department’s Report / Case Number
Contact OSI directly at (602) 542-9392 when there are questions regarding release of confidential information from law enforcement.