FAA6.K Code Listings : 02 ACTS Alerts : G Alerts Due to Other Special Processing Needs : .02 Employer Reporting From DCSS See CADO ACTS Alerts
.02 Employer Reporting From DCSS See CADO ACTS Alerts
This alert is generated when CADO is updated with information from the New Hire Report (CR070).
Review information displayed on CADO.
Send the C005 notice.
When information is provided, complete the following:
Authorize or stop benefits, allowing for NOAA.
When information is not provided, complete the following:
Deny or stop benefits using the VI Denial Closure Reason Code.
Send the appropriate notice.
When the information request is returned to FAA by the U.S. Postal Service, see Returned Mail.
CADO may display an SSN that belongs to a child. When this occurs, see Employee Using A Child's SSN.
When a participant has income budgeted in AZTECS, verify whether the income is expected to continue.
Due Date Assigned by ACTS:
2 workdays from the date the alert is generated.