This alert is generated by an error code within the WTPY reply that is received from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The WTPI selection on ININ displays the information that needs to be corrected. (See WTPI)
Review AZTECS and correct the discrepancy when an alert for an active case is received. When the information is updated, a new WTPY request is sent automatically.
When the new request matches SSA information, WTPI displays within 48 hours that the SSN has been verified.
The problem may not be able to be corrected by a review of AZTECS. When this occurs, review the verification that explains the problem. When the discrepancy is resolved key the appropriate information in AZTECS.
When a case review does not solve the problem, complete the following:
Send the F011 or A011 notice.
Give the PI ten calendar days to provide the needed information.
Take the appropriate action when the participant responds within the ten day time period.
When the participant does not respond within the ten day time period see SSN Noncompliance.
Due Date Assigned by ACTS:
10 calendar days from the date the alert is generated.