.01 BDX (reply-com) yyyymmdd xxxx ACTS Alert
This alert is generated when the communication code indicated in the alert message is received from a tape match with BDX (SSA). The communication codes provide useful information about the participant from the BDX system.
Review the case and determine how the reported information affects eligibility, and take the appropriate action. The most frequent communication codes are as follows:
CFbXXXbb. Participant has left Arizona. BDX information goes to the state abbreviated in the XXX field.
DIEDMMYY. Participant is deceased. MMYY is the date of death.
DOBbUNMb. Date of birth unmatched - no record received for participant.
FINbMMYY. Termination of benefits due to death.
GIVbUNMb. First name unmatched - no record received for participant.
IMPbCANb. Impossible Social Security Number (SSN) for participant. SSN on input record is not all numeric or is out of the SSA issue range.
MATCHEDb. Fully processed record. Information extracted from the participant's BDX record.
NObDELXXX. BDX record is in conflict with another agency indicated in the XXX field.
NObDEXbb. Record of increases and decreases in SSA income received for same participant SSN.
NObFILE. No entitlement to SSA income for SSN.
REPbPAYE. SSA income is paid to other than beneficiary.
SSIbONLY. SSI income involved - no entitlement to Title II benefits.
SURbUNMb. Last name unmatched - no record received for participant.
WASbXXXb. Participant moved to Arizona from state abbreviated in the XXX field. CF message is communicated to previous state agency. BDX information is transmitted to Arizona.
Close the alert.
Due Date Assigned by ACTS:
The same day the alert is generated.