.01 BDX Income Discr yyyymm ACTS Alert
This alert is generated when SSA income on UNIN for the month indicated differs from the SSA income amount reported on the BDX (SSA) tape.
Verify the SSA amount on ININ.
Key the correct SSA benefit amount on UNIN.
Authorize benefits, allowing for NOAA.
Close the alert.
NOTE A Social Security Number (SSN) discrepancy could exist when both of the following apply:
Information keyed in AZTECS matches the case file(g) and ININ information screens.
The alert continues to display.
When this occurs, review the case. When necessary send the C007 notice to the PI giving ten calendar days to resolve the discrepancy.
Due Date Assigned by ACTS:
10 workdays(g) from the date the alert is generated.