.11 SSN Required for ACTS Alert
This alert is generated when a Social Security Number has not been keyed for the participant by the 120th calendar day after the SS5 date keyed on SSDO.
Review the case file(g) to determine whether the SSN has been provided.
Contact the participant or send the C007 notice to request the SSN when it has not been provided. (See Follow Up on SSN)
Close the alert.
Due Date Assigned by ACTS:
10 calendar days from the date the alert is generated
NOTE This alert is generated weekly until one of the following occurs:
The assigned SSN is keyed on SSDO
The date in the SS5 DATE field is cleared or changed on SSDO
Do not key a date in the SS5 field for a nonqualified noncitizen.
When the SS5 field is incorrectly keyed, this alert continues to generate. Complete the following to ensure this alert does not display on the EW Alert Report (CR330) or the Outstanding Alert Summary Report (CR340):
Roll all programs to the current system month
Remove the date from the SS5 field
These steps remove the SSN REQUIRED FOR alert from future CR330 and CR340 reports.