.07 EBT Mismatch-Reauth Benefits ACTS Alert
This alert is generated when an AZTECS case is deleted from the EBT Processing System by the contractor, but the case has authorized benefits that have not yet been issued.
Review CAP2 for the current status of the case.
When CAP2 indicates that CA, NA, or ST are in OPEN or REC'D status, process EBPM. This allows information to be updated with the EBT Processing System.
When CA, NA, or ST are in OPEN or REC'D status and an eligibility factor has been pended, review the benefit history screens (AFBH, FSBH, STBH(sta)) for any deauthorized benefits. More than one month may be deauthorized. When this occurs, delete each month until the earliest deauthorized month is reached. Reauthorize any deauthorized months through the current system month.
Review EBPI to ensure that an EBT QUEST card number is connected to the case.
When an EBT QUEST card number is not connected to the case, one must be assigned and issued before the participant can access their benefits. (See Card Issuance)
When CAP2 indicates that all programs are CLOSED, no action is needed.
Close the alert.
Due Date Assigned by ACTS:
1 calendar day from the date the alert is generated.