FAA6.K Code Listings : 02 ACTS Alerts : C Alerts Due to Change in Participant Ages : .02 Graduating from High School ACTS Alert
.02 Graduating from High School ACTS Alert
This alert is generated on the fifth calendar day of the month of graduation, based on the date keyed in the GRAD DATE field on SSDO. (See Date of Graduation)
Evaluate any changes in eligibility for all BU participants due to the dependent child graduating.
Stop CA for the participant, when eligibility no longer exists, allowing for NOAA. (See Student Criteria for CA and MA and SSDO for policy and procedures)
Review the case for earned or self-employment income of the child who will graduate to determine how the child’s income will be budgeted. (See Dependent Child Income.)
Send the appropriate notice on NORE.
Close the alert.
Due Date Assigned by ACTS:
14 calendar days from the date the alert is generated.