FAA6.K Code Listings : 02 ACTS Alerts : C Alerts Due to Change in Participant Ages : .01 Deemed Newborn - See CADO ACTS Alert
.01 Deemed Newborn - See CADO ACTS Alert
This alert is generated when a Deemed Newborn (DNB) is reported to FAA by AHCCCS and CADO is automatically documented.
Verify the following:
The DNB date of birth (DOB), AHCCCS ID, sex, and name are displayed on CADO
The mother’s AZTECS ID, Social Security Number, and name are displayed on CADO
The X113 notice is sent
AZTECS completed the Newborn Automated Process
When the X113 notice has been returned with the information updated, complete the following:
Complete the changes reported on the X113 using the policy and procedures in the Changes Overview. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Update the unborn information on CLIM with the reported information.
Key the following information for the mother on MAST:
The child's date of birth in the PG TERM DATE field
A space in the PREG Y/N indicator
Blanks in the EXP DEL DATE field
Key the following information for the child in the Deemed Newborn MA program on IDCI:
Y in the ID field
AG in the ID VR field
US in the CI field
AG in the CI VR field
NB in the DOC TYPE field
Request additional verification, when needed.
Send appropriate notices.
When the due date for the X113 notice to be returned has passed, but the X113 was not returned complete the following:
Document CADO that there was no response to the X113.
For Standard reporting, close the NA and CA case allowing for NOAA and send appropriate notices.
For Simplified reporting, no changes are needed.
Close the alert.
Due Date Assigned by ACTS:
20 calendar days from the date the alert is generated.