FAA6.K Code Listings : 02 ACTS Alerts : A Work Program Compliance Alerts : .01 JB/Client Failed To Comply ACTS Alert
.01 JB/Client Failed To Comply ACTS Alert
This alert is generated for CA cases when the participant has failed to comply with work program requirements.
Review NOHS to verify that a Jobs NOAA was sent to the budgetary unit.
Ensure that the NOAA was sent for the correct sanction month and level.
Key JB in the SANC RSN field and the sanction begin date in the SANCTIONS BEGIN field on DISA.
Process through AFPD to authorize the reduced benefits.
Process through FSAD and MADA and authorize, when appropriate.
Close the alert.
Due Date Assigned by ACTS:
3 workdays(g) from the date the alert is generated.