D Referral Process - WMAT
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
The White Mountain Apache Tribe (WMAT) administers its own Jobs program and determines eligibility for WMAT TANF cases.
When an application for CA is received and the participant is potentially eligible for WMAT TANF, complete the following:
Accept and register the application.
Complete an interview for FAA programs.
Inform the CA applicant they must apply at the WMAT TANF office to have an eligibility determination completed for CA.
Complete all of the following to refer the CA applicant to the WMAT TANF Program office to apply for CA benefits:
The Applicant information section of the Tribal/FAA – Turn Around Document (FAA1125A) form.
Send the completed FAA1125A to the WMAT TANF office.
Save a copy of the completed FAA1125A to the case file.
Inform the CA applicant the FAA1125A will be sent to the WMAT TANF office.
Key WM in the DENIAL CLOSURE REASON field on AFED to deny the CA.