.01 Posters in the Lobby
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
The following posters are mandatory and must be displayed in the FAA office lobby or any other area that is accessible to applicants:
Benefits Previously Stopped After Three Months? (11” x 17” size) (FAA-1671A) (ABAWD) (12/18)
Customer Bill of Rights (FAA-1035A English/Spanish) (01/18)
Department of Economy Security - Title VI/ADA Non-Discrimination Notice to the Public (OEO-1009A) (08/18)
Discrimination is Prohibited in Employment (Discrimination is Prohibited) (07/18)
Don’t Take a Chance…Report a Change! (FAA-1760A English/Spanish) (01/20)
Emergency Nutrition Assistance Poster (FAA-1356A English/Spanish) (02/19)
Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law (EEOC-P/E-1)
How Can I Complete My Interview? (FAA-1643A) (08/18)
Interested in Filing an Application? (11”x 17” size) (FAA-1665A) (Replaces Right to File poster) (12/18)
Nutrition Assistance Transitional Benefit Assistance (TBA) (FAA‑1219A (English/Spanish) (06/17)
Register to Vote Here Poster (FAA‑1421A English/Spanish) (12/14)
Smoke Free Arizona (smoke free Arizona)
And Justice for All’ Civil Rights Poster (Must be displayed in 11” x 17” size) (AD 475B) (09/19)
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice (POX 248A)
Fraud Hotline (OSI-1004APOSNA) is available from the Office of Special Investigations via e mail at [email protected]
The Nutrition Assistance Trafficking Poster (FAA-1615A (English) and FAA-1615A-S (Spanish
Weapons (ISA-1015A)
Nutrition Assistance Frequently Asked Questions (POF 126 English/Spanish) (04/19)
Arizona State Minimum Wage (1/20) (AZ minimum wage Eng, AZ minimum Wage Spa)
The Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Binder must be displayed at the front desk at every FAA office where it can be easily accessed by customers with Limited English Proficiency. The FAA office can create the binder using the Language Identification – I Speak (DES 1071A) (10/12) flyer that is available in the Digital Library