FAA6.H Internal Operations : 02 Retention of Records
02 Retention of Records
FAA is required to retain individual case files(g) for three years following the month of closure. It is not possible to keep all historical case files at the local office for this period of time due to lack of space. Case files are purged and routed to the Records Center (813Z) for storage after the case has been closed for one year.
Case files with unpaid overpayment claims must be kept in the local office. These case files must be sent to storage only when the claim is paid in full, overturned on appeal, or otherwise legally voided.
Case files in red folders or marked IPV must be kept in the local office until the overpayment is paid in full and the sanction has been satisfied.
The Records Center stores the case file for two fiscal years and then destroys it.
The term case file means ALL volumes of the case file. Never separate volumes of the same case file when a case file is sent to the Records Center for storage or destruction.
FAA must retain program records for three years from the month of origin for audit and review purposes. After this period of time, the program records must be destroyed.
Fiscal records and documents must be retained for three years from the date of the fiscal or administrative closure.
DES retains state records and submits reports and information as required by federal regulations.