F General Information - DNAP Case Files
Place each application and all information and documentation in a case file folder consisting of no fewer than two parts.
The following apply to transferring DNAP case files:
Transfer all DNAP case files to the regular FAA local office serving the budgetary unit's ZIP Code as indicated on the application.
Transfer the case files following the end of the disaster authorization period as follows:
Complete a DNAP Case Record Transmittal (FAA-0556A) form for cases and applications being transferred from the disaster site to the regular local office.
A copy of each FAA-0556A must be maintained by the disaster site supervisor or designee for review purposes. Forward the copy to the FAA Disaster Coordinator, site code 939A.
The receiving office must immediately combine the disaster case file with the regular case file when one exists.
The following apply to transferring applications:
Refer budgetary units who are not eligible for DNAP benefits and want to apply for regular NA to their regular FAA local office. Provide an application for the budgetary unit's use.
A budgetary unit may complete an application for regular NA or for other program benefits and present it to FAA staff at the disaster site. In this situation, forward the application on the same day to the appropriate local office for processing.
Follow the regular application date procedures for NA and other programs. Attach the FAA-0556A to the application when forwarding it.