.02 QC Protests - QC Protest Decision
(07/01/11 - 09/30/11)
The Quality Support Team (QST) and the Program Administrator's (PA) designated staff have five workdays(g) from the date of the Protest Memorandum to reach an agreement. The process of determining the validity of the error cited and taking action is as follows:
When the PA's designated staff agrees with QST, the region office is notified via an Interoffice Memorandum from the PA.
The region office notifies the local office to correct the case. The local office completes the following:
Document the corrective actions taken on CADO or the CADO Extension Form (CEF).
Place a copy of the QC‑100 in the case file(g).
When the PA's designated staff and QST agree that the QC determination was incorrect, QST completes the following:
Revise the QC‑100.
Send the revised copies to everyone initially copied.
When the PA's designated staff disagrees with a QC determination, and the QST Administrator does not agree that the error was incorrectly cited, the FAA PA and the QST Administrator meet in an attempt to reach an agreement.
When an agreement cannot be reached at that level, the Assistant Director (AD) of DBME issues the final ruling. The final ruling can be either of the following:
The error cited on the QC‑100 is correct. No revision is made to the QC‑100. The PST representative notifies the designated staff, via e‑mail, of the DBME AD's decision that the error remains as cited.
The error cited on the QC-100 is NOT correct. The QC-100 is revised. A memo from the AD’s office is issued to the designated FAA staff to inform of the change.