FAA6.F Administrative : 04 Quality Control (QC) - Overview : D Region QC-100 Responsibilities - Overview : .01 Region QC-100 Responsibilities - Reviewing the QC-100
.01 Region QC-100 Responsibilities - Reviewing the QC-100
(07/01/11 - 09/30/11)
When QST notifies FAA that an error exists, the FAA designated staff MUST complete the following:
Review the QC‑100.
Place the QC‑100 in the case file(g).
Submit a protest memorandum, when applicable, within ten days of receipt of the QC-100.
NOTE Do NOT take any necessary action on the case before the expiration of the ten day protest deadline.
When designated staff disagrees with the findings noted on the QC-100, a protest is filed. For filing a protest, see QC Protests.
When reviewing the QC‑100, it is determined that additional information is needed, see QC Additional Information.
NOTE FAA must not contact ANY verification source or the participant to gather ANY additional information.