FAA6.F Administrative : 04 Quality Control (QC) - Overview : B QC Review Process - Overview
B QC Review Process - Overview
(08/01/14 - 09/30/14)
The Quality Control (QC) review process consists of the following actions:
Completing the case review process. When a request for assistance is received from QC, the local office must assist QC regardless of the budgetary unit’s change reporting requirements. The local office must complete the following:
Send the Information Needed – CA (A011) or Information Needed – NA (F011) notice. Include the name and telephone number of the QC Reviewer in the notice. Advise the budgetary unit to contact QC.
Document CADO that QC compliance is needed.
When a notification is received from QC that the budgetary unit has complied with the interview process, document CADO.
When a notification is received from QC that the budgetary unit refuses to comply, see QC CA or NA noncooperation.
Presenting the error case to the Peer review panel.
Documenting the findings on the Quality Control Case Review Report (QC‑100). The QC‑100 includes information pertaining to the error element.
QST also documents the QC‑100 when an error that is not countable is found or other information is discovered that could affect benefit months other than the review month.
Placing copies of the finalized QC‑100 and verification documents to the shared drive and sending an e-mail to each of the following:
FAA Professional Standards Managers
FAA Region Program Managers
FAA Workload Operation Managers
Local Office Manager (LOM)
Policy Support Team Management, see Policy Support Team for e-mail address
QST Management
Policy and procedures regarding the Quality Control Review process are outlined as follows: