FAA6.E Overpayments : 07 Intentional Program Violation (IPV) - Overview : B IPV - Administrative Disqualification Procedures
B IPV - Administrative Disqualification Procedures
FAA is responsible for investigating any alleged Intentional Program Violation (IPV) and ensuring that appropriate action is taken. This is accomplished by initiating an administrative disqualification appeal or referral to a court.
FAA may initiate these actions regardless of program status.
The Office of Accounts Receivable and Collections (OARC) initiates administrative disqualification procedures or refers the case for prosecution action when there is sufficient written evidence to substantiate that a participant has committed an IPV. Otherwise, the overpayment continues to be classified as a non-IPV error and collection is pursued.
When the error is due to NA trafficking AND OARC determines there is not enough evidence to pursue an IPV disqualification, OARC must inform the local office to remove the potential overpayment claim from the case file(g).
Policy and procedures regarding administrative disqualification procedures are as follows: