.02 NA Overpayment Compromise – NA Compromise Request
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
The person responsible for the overpayment may request a compromise of an NA Overpayment at any time.
The person responsible to pay the overpayment must submit a request for a compromise to the Overpayment Unit (OPU) for processing.
The request may be submitted to OPU by:
US mail: DES - Family Assistance Administration
Attn: Overpayment Unit
P.O. Box 19009 - Mail Drop 33S4
Phoenix, AZ 85005-9009
Phone: (602) 774-9277 or toll free at (833) 470-0432
Fax: (602) 774-9262 or toll free at (833) 709-0827
Visiting any DES Family Assistance Administration office and requesting assistance for contacting the Overpayment Unit