.01 Methods of CA Overpayment Collection - Cash Repayment
Participants who request to make payments on an overpayment balance at a local office should be encouraged to pay directly to the Office of Accounts Receivable and Collections (OARC). The local office gives the participant a preaddressed envelope and asks them to mail the payment to OARC.
NOTE The local office should have preaddressed envelopes with OARC's address. When no preaddressed envelopes are available, give the participant an envelope addressed to OARC by the local office. (See OARC Collections Address)
Complete the following when the participant insists on paying directly to the local office:
Accept the payment
Give the participant a Returned Warrant/Check receipt (FA‑416‑A) for the amount being returned to repay the overpayment.
Place a copy of the FA‑416‑A in the case file(g).
Immediately forward the payment to the OARC collections address by certified mail.
All payments must be identified with the participant's name and Social Security Number whether it is sent by the local office or the participant.
NA benefits cannot be accepted as payment for a CA overpayment.