.01 Overpayment Tracker
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
The Overpayment Tracker (OVTR) is used to track the timeliness of referrals for potential overpayment from the discovery date to the determination date.
Only FAA staff that work in the Overpayment Unit have access to OVTR. OVTR is accessible from INME.
NOTE Critical reports are generated from the information entered on OVTR. Any changes made to the OP Referral Information field on Discovery Date, Due Date and Program Type fields must be made the same day as the original entry. Help Desk assistance is required for all changes made on a following day.
Only the Overpayment Unit is able to enter or edit the information on OVTR.
NOTE An OVTR must be completed for NA, CA, and ST in which a potential overpayment is discovered.