FAA6.D Participant Maintenance : 02 Adding A Participant - Overview : A Adding a Participant Currently Receiving Benefits
A Adding a Participant Currently Receiving Benefits
When a participant is currently receiving benefits in another case, add the participant effective the month they are removed from the other case. Before adding the participant, take the following actions:
Report the change in participants in the other case to the worker or local office so the participant can be removed from their current case.
Report the change on a Change Report (FA‑412).
When the case is at a different local office, FAX the change report and any verification to the appropriate local office.
NOTE When a FAX machine is not available, notify the local office by telephone. Follow up by mailing copies of the FA‑412 and verification.
The receiving office MUST complete the following:
Review the change report and verification received.
Request additional verification, when applicable.
Remove the participant allowing for NOAA.