FAA6.D Participant Maintenance : 02 Adding A Participant - Overview
02 Adding A Participant - Overview
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
When adding a participant, complete the following:
Review the case file(g) and all AZ;TECS screens.
Complete ININ inquiries for ALL participants, including the participant being added.
Determine how the change affects benefits.
Verify eligibility factors that affect program eligibility and benefit level.
Review PRAP, DISA and HOSC.
When adding a participant who has legally changed their identity due to violence or abuse, and they are known to AZTECS under a former identity, see I.D. Change-Violence or Abuse.
Do not add additional participants to a case registered at site code 940C. Cases that are registered at 940C are to be used only by Department of Child Safety (DCS) units.
Policy and procedures regarding adding a participant are outlined as follows: