A Administrative Corrections
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Administratively reopen a case when it is discovered that benefits were denied or closed, and the case must be reopened for one of the following reasons. Key the appropriate code in the REPT CODE field on REPT as follows:
The verification process was not followed. Key 3SVP.
Information was provided in the second 30 days. Key 60IN.
The address in AZTECS was incomplete or incorrect. Key ADDR.
Per instructions from Help Desk, Policy Support Team or Research and Analysis. Key ADMN.
The budgetary unit composition was incorrect. Key BUUI.
The budgetary unit was receiving CA (TANF benefits or services) or SSI benefits and was categorically eligible for NA. Key CART.
The case was closed using a wrong Denial or Closure Reason Code. Key CODE.
Eligibility for Deemed Newborn Coverage must be determined. The case did not cascade or information was provided prior to the effective date of closure. Key DNBE.
Expenses were budgeted incorrectly. Key EXBI.
An Appeal was requested and the participant requested benefits to continue. Key FHCB. (See Appeal Continuation of Benefits)
The Appeals Officer reversed the eligibility determination. Key FHRE. (See Hearing Reversed)
The Appeals Officer remanded the case to FAA for a redetermination. Key FHRR. (See Hearing Remanded)
Income was budgeted incorrectly. Key INBI.
The case was inadvertently denied or closed. Key INCC.
Information was provided before the effective date of closure. Key INFO.
Information was provided timely but misrouted. Key INMS.
The information was in the case file(g) but not considered in the determination. Key INNC.
Information was provided prior to the processing deadline. Key INPR.
A CA case auto closed and an application was submitted prior to the effective date of closure. Key LRAC.
The participant provides the Mid Approval Contact (MAC) form prior to the effective date of closure. Key MACA.
The case was closed without allowing for NOAA. Key NOAA.
The participant reapplied or rescheduled the interview in the second 30 days. Key RE30.
The participant reapplied in the month of denial and the case must be reopened to prorate benefits correctly. Key REAP.
Resources were budgeted incorrectly. Key REBI.
Sanction was imposed incorrectly. Key SARE.
The participant complied with all outstanding factors within 30 days of the case closing for failure to cooperate and at least one full month is remaining in the certification period. Key NAWA and key the date of compliance in the DATE PROVIDED field. (See NA Compliance After Closure)
For any other reason, key OTHR in the REPT CODE field on REPT. When OTHR is keyed in the REPT CODE field, document the reason for reopening the case on CADO.
Review CAP2 to determine whether any applications are in received or renewal status before reverting the case to open. The supervisor must delete the application on DECA before making administrative corrections to the case. Document the case file with the actions and reasons for deleting the application.
Complete the eligibility determination the same day a case is reopened. This prevents AZTECS from listing the programs on a management report as overdue, depending on the reopened month.
Cases must be administratively reopened as soon as the error in the eligibility determination is discovered. An application and interview is not required. (See Reopening Procedures)
When a case was closed or denied more than 12 months in the past, the following apply:
The supervisor must document the reason for reverting the case to open.
When necessary, the supervisor contacts the Policy Support Team for further instructions.