01 REPT - Purpose
(04/01/16 - 05/31/16)
REPT is used to reopen a case when benefits were stopped or denied.
Use REPT to correct a case in any of the following situations:
The budgetary unit is eligible for ongoing benefits.
A redetermination is required.
The incorrect case was closed.
The case was closed with an incorrect Denial Closure Reason Code.
NOTE Once the correct Denial Closure Reason Code is keyed, review NOHS to determine whether a revised notice must be issued.
NA cases denied or closed with the incorrect Denial Closure Reason Code are only to be reopened under certain conditions. See NA Closure Incorrect Reason Code
Use REPT for NA cases stopped for failure to provide when all of the following apply:
The household reported and verified all changes in circumstances that occurred following the effective date of closure.
The household provided all outstanding information that resulted in the most recent closing of the household’s case.
The household fulfilled these requirements within 30 days after the case closed.
The household has at least one full month remaining in the certification period following the date of compliance.
The household is eligible for benefits during the reinstatement month and the remaining months of the certification period.
NOTE It is not necessary to reopen a CA or NA case to issue corrective payments for prior months when the budgetary unit is not currently eligible for ongoing benefits. (See Supplemental Benefits)