G Notification of Underpayment
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Notify the PI of the underpayment when any of the following occurs:
Supplemental benefits are issued. For CA, send the A703 notice. For NA, send the F703 notice.
The budgetary unit is entitled to restored NA benefits. Send the F203 notice to advise the budgetary unit of the following:
The entitlement to and amount of restored benefits.
Any offsetting against an overpayment claim.
Method of restoration.
To notify FAA of any changes in living arrangements since the time of the benefit loss.
To request the PI provide the current mail address.
Benefits will be restored to a budgetary unit that is not active only after they contact the local office.
The right to an Appeal when the budgetary unit disagrees with any aspect of the proposed restoration.
AZTECS offsets 100 percent of restored benefits against an overpayment claim before any balance is paid to the budgetary unit.