.02 Authorizing the Supplemental Payment
(10/01/08 - 12/31/08)
The supplemental payment is authorized on UNAU. An FAA Supervisor, Assistant Local Office Manager (ALOM), or Local Office Manager (LOM) completes the following to authorize the supplemental payment:
Keys C in the ACTION field.
Keys one of the following in the ERROR CAUSE field:
AP – Agency caused payment error
CP – Budgetary unit caused payment error
Keys the user PCN in the UNDERPAYMENT AUTHORIZATION field.
Keys Y in the MORE UNDERPAYMENTS (Y/N) field to authorize more payments.
Ensures that the appropriate notice is sent.
NOTE Documentation must support the following:
The reason for the payment
The amount of the payment
The process used to arrive at the amount
Authorizing underpayments on UNAU is limited to staff at the LOM and Unit Supervisor levels.
An FAA Supervisor, ALOM, or LOM must elevate the supplemental payment to Region Office for issuance when an edit message is received on UNAU preventing the authorization.