.01 Determination of Underpayment - FAA Caused Error
(04/01/13 – 06/30/13
Underpayments are considered to have occurred due to an FAA caused error in the following situations:
The local office failed to allow the budgetary unit the required time to verify an expense and benefits were reduced as a result.
FAA failed to act within the proper time frame on a reported change that would have increased the budgetary unit's benefit amount.
FAA incorrectly stopped or denied benefits.
The EI incorrectly calculated the benefits.
A disqualification period for an Intentional Program Violation (IPV) was reversed by a court of law.
An Appeal decision in favor of the participant requires supplemental payments or restored NA benefits.
NOTE When a potential under issuance of NA benefits is discovered, review the case file. When the participant is eligible, issue supplemental benefits to the budgetary unit within ten calendar days.
For CA, SSA or UI, confirm that they have recovered an overpayment amount and the benefits were decreased based on the higher amount initially received.