A Supplemental Benefits
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Effective for benefit months 04/2020 through 07/2020, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 04/10/2020 and Urgent Bulletin emailed 04/29/2020 regarding the maximum monthly allotment of NA benefits. Also, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 04/15/2020 regarding Reported Changes and Supplements on UNAU.
Supplemental benefits are issued when it is discovered that a budgetary unit is entitled to an additional amount of benefits than what have been issued for the current or future months.
NOTE When a potential under issuance of NA benefits is discovered, review the case file. When the participant is eligible, issue supplemental benefits to the budgetary unit within ten calendar days.
Supplemental benefits are issued, in addition to the current month's issuance, in the following situations:
A reported change
A case read correction
An appeal remand
When more CA or NA benefits were recouped by the Office of Accounts Receivable and Collections (OARC) than were owed in an overpayment.
NOTE When this occurs, OARC notifies Research and Analysis (R&A) that a supplement is required.
All Grant Diversion benefits are issued on UNAU, but they are not considered CA supplements.
AZTECS recoups ten percent of the supplement against an overpayment claim and any remaining balance is paid to the budgetary unit.