A Supplemental Benefits
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
Supplemental benefits are issued when it is discovered that a budgetary unit is entitled to an additional amount of benefits than what have been issued for that month.
NOTE When a potential under issuance of NA benefits is discovered, review the case file. When the participant is eligible, issue supplemental benefits to the budgetary unit within ten calendar days.
NA supplements must not be issued for more than 12 months prior to whichever of the following occurs first:
The date FAA received a request for restoration of benefits from a budgetary unit
The date FAA was notified or discovered that a loss of benefits occurred
The date the budgetary unit requested an appeal because it disagreed with an adverse action that resulted in a loss of benefits
The date of notification that an Intentional Program Violation (IPV) disqualification was reversed
The date the budgetary unit receives a favorable decision through the appeal process, a judicial action, or other court action
Supplemental benefits are issued, in addition to the current month's issuance, in the following situations:
A reported change
Case read correction
Appeal remand
When more CA or NA benefits were recouped by the Office of Accounts Receivable and Collections (OARC) than were owed in an overpayment.
NOTE When this occurs, OARC notifies the Local Office Manager that a supplement is required.
All Grant Diversion benefits are issued on UNAU, but they are not considered CA supplements.