FAA6.A Changes : 14 Simplified Reporting - Overview : C Verifying Reported Changes - Simplified Reporting
C Verifying Reported Changes - Simplified Reporting
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
When the participant reports a change, or the change becomes known to FAA, after the benefits have been approved, complete the following:
Process the change when the participant reports a change in income that exceeds the income standard. (See Changes that Must Be Reported)
Process all changes that cause the benefits to do one of the following:
When a change of address is the only change reported by the participant complete the following:
Update the address
Document the case file(g)
Send a Change of Address Information (C008) notice to allow the participant to verify any change in expenses
When the expense verification is not provided, determine the benefit amount without allowing the unverified expenses.
Close the case when the participant reports they have moved out of the state.
When FAA receives undeliverable mail and there is an in-state forwarding address or no new forwarding address, this is considered Unclear Information, complete the following:
Document the case file to indicate returned mail has been received.
Update the mailing address in HEAplus and AZTECS.
Do not complete any additional action or request verification until the next renewal application or Mid Approval Contact whichever occurs first.
Close the alert in AZTECS.
When the undeliverable mail indicates an out of state forwarding address, close the case. (See Change of Address – Out-of-State)