FAA6.A Changes : 13 Standard Reporting : D Crossmatch Reports : .08 Deceased Participant Crossmatch Report
.08 Deceased Participant Crossmatch Report
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Office of Vital Records provides information for the Deceased Participants Crossmatch Report.
An alert is generated in the Automated Change Tracking System (ACTS) for each participant on the report. The ACTS Alert Type Code is DP (Death of a Participant). The Case Documentation (CADO) screen is automatically documented for each participant. The due date assigned in ACTS is 10 days from the date the alert is generated.
When the case is active, complete the following actions:
Remove the deceased participant from the case. (See Changes in Primary Informant when the deceased participant is the PI.)
When the death of the entire budgetary unit becomes known, key the DH Denial Closure Reason Code on AFED or FSED for the correct month. No notice is required. The EBT primary Payee card is deactivated on the date the denial or closure is keyed.
When applicable, determine the ongoing eligibility for the remaining participants in the case.
An individual acting as a representative for or on behalf of a CA PI may be named as an emergency Alternate Card Holder (See CA Payee – CA EBT Alternate Card Holder – Emergency Situations)
When a CA EBT Alternate Care Holder is not named, complete the following:
Key the OU Participation Code in the PT field on SEPA next to the PI.
Key the DH Ineligible Reason Code in the INELIG RSN field on SEPA.
Key the DH Denial Closure Code on AFED and stop the benefits allowing for NOAA(g).
When the death of the NA PI is reported and there are remaining participants in the budgetary unit, complete the following:
Key the PO Denial Closure Reason Code on FSED.
Stop Benefits allowing for NOAA.
Send the PI No Longer in Home Deny/Closure (F205) notice. This notice informs the remaining participants that an application must be submitted to continue receiving benefits.
When NA is closed with the PO Denial Closure Reason Code and the budgetary unit needs access to the remaining benefits, an EBT Alternate Card Holder may be established. The following individuals may be established as an EBT Alternate Card Holder:
An adult budgetary unit member.
A non-participant adult who has parental control of the remaining budgetary unit members and provides Verification of Living Arrangements and Personal identification.
Send the appropriate notice based on change notice requirements.
Close the alert.
When the case is closed, document the case file that no action is required.