FAA6.A Changes : 13 Standard Reporting : C Case Audits - Standard Reporting
C Case Audits - Standard Reporting
A case audit is an investigation of one or more eligibility factors. It is based on specific changes or possible changes in the budgetary unit's circumstances. Case audits are conducted for all programs.
A case audit may be conducted at any time eligibility factors become questionable. When a case audit is required, the following apply:
A new application is not required.
Only the eligibility factors in question need to be verified.
The questionable factors may be verified by phone, mail, or face-to-face with the participant.
The questionable factors may also be verified by home visit.
Ask the participant to come in to the office to clarify the information in question, when necessary.
Keying AZTECS is not required unless the results of the case audit provide information that differs from what is in AZTECS.
Document the results of the audit in the case file(g).