.04 Changes in Income - Standard Reporting
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
The budgetary unit must report the following earned or unearned income changes:
Source of the income, including starting, stopping or changing jobs
Amount of the gross monthly income
Lottery or gambling winnings of $3500 or more
NA participants must report the changes in the amount of gross monthly income when the change meets either of the following:
More than $100 in gross monthly unearned income (other than CA)
More than $100 in gross monthly earned income
FAA may learn of a change in income from any source, including the FTI reports.
FAA may become aware of a new source of earned or unearned income for a participant for whom there is already known budgeted income. When this occurs, verify the new earned income and any other known earned income that continues for the participant.
When the participant reports a change in income or FAA learns of a change, determine whether a change results in any one of the following: