.02 Verifying Decreases
(07/01/11 - 09/30/11)
When enough information is provided with the reported change, see Effecting Decreases to reduce the benefits.
When enough information is not provided, request verification no later than close of business on the workday(g) after the date the change is reported.
Make a telephone call to obtain the information.
When unable to obtain the information by telephone, send the appropriate information request notice to the participant.
NOTE The participant must always be allowed ten calendar days to provide verification.
(See Mandatory Verification for eligibility factors required for each program when adding a participant)
When the verification differs from what was reported, complete the following:
Adjust the benefits for the appropriate month, allowing for NOAA.
Treat the months in which benefits were issued based on incorrect information as follows:
Refer overissuances to overpayments.
Do not issue supplements.
NOTE When the verification indicates additional changes, treat the changes as a separate change report.
FAA may become aware of a new source of earned income for a participant and there is already known budgeted earned income for the same participant. When this occurs, verify the new earned income and also any other earned income that will continue for that participant.