FAA6.A Changes : 12 Effecting Changes : C Benefit Decreases - Overview : .01 Effecting Benefit Decreases or Stopping Benefits
.01 Effecting Benefit Decreases or Stopping Benefits
(07/01/11 - 09/30/11)
When enough information is provided with the reported change, effect the decrease or stop benefits without verification for the first possible month allowing for Notice of Adverse Action (NOAA). In certain situations, no notice is required. (See Changes Requiring No Notice)
NOTE Do not request further verification when the budgetary unit is ineligible based on the information already provided.
Changes may be reported more than 20 days before the first calendar day of the following month. When this occurs, the change must be completed, and NOAA requested in time to effect the change for the following month.
Enough information may not be provided to effect the change. When this occurs, request the information within one workday(g) after the date the change is received using the following methods:
Make a telephone call to obtain the information.
When unable to obtain the information by telephone, send the appropriate information request notice to the participant. Always allow the participant ten calendar days to provide the information.
When a reported change is verified timely, decrease the benefits for the first regular benefit issued after the date the change is reported, allowing for NOAA.
NOAA must expire prior to the first day of the affected month
When enough information to effect a decrease cannot be obtained and the participant has not provided necessary information by the information due date, complete the following:
Stop the benefits allowing for NOAA on the next workday after the information due date
Send the appropriate closure notice
When verification is received after the information due date and benefits have been stopped, the following apply:
When verification is received before the first day of the month the benefits stopped, review the affect of the change on the case.
When the change would cause ineligibility, leave the case closed.
When the case would be eligible after effecting the change, send a C502 notice to inform the participant that the case is reopened. (See Administrative Corrections)
Reopen the case on REPT, effect the change, and send the appropriate change notice. (See Change Notice Requirements)
NOTE There is no requirement to allow for NOAA when the participant has been notified previously that their benefits will be stopped.
When the verification is received on or after the first day of the month the benefits stopped, do not reopen the benefits. The participant must reapply.
Reopen the case when the participant has provided the verification within 30 days of the closure and all requirements at NA Compliance After Closure are met.
Policy and procedures regarding effecting decreases are outlined as follows: