FAA6.A Changes : 12 Effecting Changes : C Benefit Decreases - Overview
C Benefit Decreases - Overview
(10/01/08 – 12/31/08)
A reported change may cause a decrease or closure of a participant's benefits.
When changes are reported for an optional CA participant that result in a benefit decrease, complete the following:
Determine the benefit amount with the change effected.
Determine the benefit amount with the optional CA participant removed from the CA budgetary unit.
Inform the PI of the results and allow the PI to decide whether to remove the optional CA participant from the CA budgetary unit.
Document the case file(g).
When the change causes the budgetary unit to become ineligible, see the appropriate determination screen for the affected program.
NOTE Do not request further verification when the budgetary unit is ineligible based on the information already provided. The participant must always be allowed ten days to provide verification when the change will not result in benefits being stopped. Use the verification process.
Reopen the case when the participant has provided the verification within 30 days of the closure and all requirements at NA Compliance After Closure are met.
Policy and procedure regarding changes that lead to a decrease in benefits are outlined as follows: