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.03 Changes Verified Timely - Increases
(10/01/08 – 12/31/08)
When a reported change is verified timely, increase the benefits as follows:
For CA, increase benefits for the first regular benefit issued after the date the change is reported.
For NA, increase benefits with the first allotment issued ten days after the date the change is reported. The benefits must be increased no later than the month after the month the change is reported.
To effect increases caused by adding participants, see Effective Date For Adding a Participant to an Ongoing Case.
There is no requirement to allow ten days to notify the participant that their benefits will increase.
(See Example Verified Timely 1 and Example Verified Timely 2)
Supplemental payments may be required depending on when the change is reported.
For CA, see Example Verified Timely 3 and Example Verified Timely 4.
For NA, see Example Verified Timely 5 and Example Verified Timely 6.
For a CA NA case, see Example Verified Timely 7.