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.02 Changes Not Verified - Increases
(01/01/09 – 03/31/09)
When a reported change that would result in a benefit increase is not verified by the information due date, the following apply:
When continued eligibility cannot be determined with the verification in the case file and any verification the participant provided, stop the benefits allowing for NOAA. (See Example Changes Not Verified 1)
NOTE Take the action to stop benefits no earlier than the day after the information due date.
When continued eligibility is not in question, but the amount of benefits may be affected or cannot be determined, complete the following:
Document that the change has not been verified.
Continue the benefits at the level prior to the reported change.
When the reported change is a change of address, do not continue the benefits at the level prior to the reported change. Do not allow any shelter or utility expense that is not verified.
Continue the benefits only when the missing verification affects the benefit amount and is not required for eligibility.
(See Example Change Not Verified 2)