FAA6.A Changes : 10 Multiple Changes
10 Multiple Changes
(10/01/08 – 12/31/08)
When two or more changes occur and are reported on the same change report, determine the net effect of all changes.
When adding a participant, their income and resources must be included, when applicable.
When the net effect of multiple changes results in a benefit decrease and the date the change is reported does not allow for NOAA, treat the changes individually as follows:
Effect changes that result in a benefit increase for the following month. (When adding a new participant, see Causes an Increase In Benefits)
Effect changes that result in a benefit decrease for the first month possible, allowing for NOAA. (See Effecting Decreases)
When changes are reported separately, effect the changes separately.
FAA may become aware of a new source of earned income for a participant. When this occurs, verify the new earned income and any other income that will continue for that participant.