FAA6.A Changes : 10 Multiple Changes
10 Multiple Changes
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
When two or more changes occur and are reported on the same change report, determine the net effect of all changes.
When adding a participant, their income and resources must be included, when applicable.
When the net effect of multiple changes results in a benefit decrease and the date the change is reported does not allow for NOAA, treat the changes individually as follows:
Effect changes that result in a benefit increase for the following month. (When adding a new participant, see Causes an Increase In Benefits)
Effect changes that result in a benefit decrease for the first month possible, allowing for NOAA. (See Effecting Decreases)
When changes are reported separately, effect the changes separately.
When a new source of income is reported, and earned income from a different source is budgeted for a participant, before decreasing benefits consider the following:
Does the reported change include information about terminated income?
Does the reported change include information about continuation for both income sources?
Does the reported change include enough information about the new source of income?
Review the case file(g) for supporting verification of the reported change.
When the reported change does not include the information listed above, see Verifying Changes with Unknow Effect.
FAA may become aware of a new source of earned income for a participant. When this occurs, verify the new earned income and any other income that will continue for that participant.