FAA6.A Changes : 09 FAA Responsibilities
09 FAA Responsibilities
(04/01/10 – 06/30/10)
FAA must act timely on all changes.
Complete the following by close of business the workday(g) after the date the change is received in the FAA office:
Assign the reported change in ACTS. (See ACTS Alert Type Codes for the appropriate code and due dates)
Review the case file(g) and the appropriate screens to determine how the change affects all programs. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Attempt to verify the change with a collateral contact. When unable to obtain the verification by telephone, send the appropriate request notice in AZTECS. (See Verification process)
NOTE When all information is provided with the change, do not request further verification.
Redetermine eligibility and the current benefit level.
When FAA fails to act timely to decrease or stop benefits for the correct month, allowing for NOAA, an agency caused overpayment will occur.
FAA may become aware of a new source of earned income for a participant. When this occurs, verify the new earned income and any other earned income that will continue for that participant.
Actions and time frames are different based on the outcome of the change. Policy and procedures regarding effecting changes are outlined as follows:
All changes must be completed or an extension requested by the ACTS due date. Take prompt action to prevent issuance of incorrect benefits. (See changes in address when the PI reports that they have moved)
When a reported change results in no change in benefits, send the C705 notice to the PI. (See No Change in Benefits)
Policy and procedures regarding actions to take when the required verification is not provided by the close of business on the ACTS due date, are outlined as follows: