FAA6.A Changes : 08 Change Notice Requirements - Overview : C No Change Notice Required (NA Only)
C No Change Notice Required (NA Only)
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
Do not send a notice to the NA PI in the following situations:
A move out of state by all participants.
The death of all participants.
Expedited NA with postponed verification.
The participant was advised on the decision notice at the time of the expedited approval of any required postponed verification.
Adjust the benefits when verification is provided. Close the case when mandatory verification is not provided. (See Verification Cooperation) Additional notices are not required.
Approval of CA that decreases NA, when all of the following apply:
All the participants jointly apply for CA and NA.
The participants have been receiving NA pending the approval of CA.
The participants were notified at NA approval that NA benefits would be reduced upon approval of CA.
A mass change was effected.
The participants request in writing that their benefits be stopped. (See NA Voluntary Withdrawal)
Stopping NA benefits of residents of a drug and alcohol treatment center or a group living arrangement (GLA) when either of the following occur:
The facility loses its certification from the appropriate state agency.
The facility loses its status as a representative because it has been disqualified by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) as an NA retailer.
The end of an increased payment to restore lost benefits. (See Restored NA Benefits)
The budgetary unit was previously notified in writing of the date an increased payment would stop.
A benefit decrease or case closure because of a disqualification for Intentional Program Violation.
The budgetary unit was notified of the action to decrease or stop benefits by an administrative disqualification hearing or a court of appropriate jurisdiction who imposed the penalty.
A benefit decrease because of imposing an automatic recoupment of a claim.