FAA6.A Changes : 08 Change Notice Requirements - Overview : B Advance Notice of Adverse Action
B Advance Notice of Adverse Action
An advance notice of adverse action (NOAA) advises the budgetary unit that FAA intends to take action to decrease benefits or stop the benefits.
An NOAA is also required when a change in CA payee occurs.
FAA must send a ten-day NOAA to the PI when taking action to adversely affect benefits, unless listed in Adequate Notice.
When action is due to a reported change, the notice must be issued within ten days of the date the change was reported.
Jobs staff send the NOAA when the participant fails to comply with Jobs requirements. (See Jobs Noncompliance)
The ten-day NOAA must expire before the first day of the effective month of the decrease or termination.
Take the proposed action on the date the NOAA is completed on NORE. Make the action effective the first month possible after the ten-day notice of adverse action expires.
The last day to request the NOAA in AZTECS is the same for all programs. The NOAA date is in the AZTECS Monthly Production Schedule (AMPS).
NOAA is defined as follows:
Day one of the ten days is the day after the NOAA is mailed.
Day ten ends at close of business in the FAA office, on the tenth day.
When the tenth day falls on a weekend or holiday, NOAA extends to the next workday(g).
The NOAA must inform the participant of the following:
Action proposed by FAA
Reason for the proposed action
Effective date of the proposed action
Name and telephone number of the FAA office to contact for additional information
Telephone number for free legal representation
Appeal rights