A Adequate Notice
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
An adequate notice is a notice of adverse action which is sent to the budgetary unit before benefits are affected. The notice must be mailed before the effective date of the action.
The date for CA can be located by using the Last Day to Close CA SA listed on the AZTECS Monthly Production Schedule (AMPS).
For NA, adequate notice applies in the following situations:
When the participant fails to respond to the second Mid Approval Contact Form (X027) notice. The adequate notice must be received by the participant prior to the participant’s NA issuance date.
When a participant verbally requests to stop benefits. (See NA Voluntary Withdrawal – Verbal Request)
NOTE For all other NA notice requirements, see no notice and NOAA.
For CA, send an adequate notice when either of the following occurs:
Benefits increase
Adverse action is taken for any of the following reasons:
FAA has verified information (a death certificate or vital records) confirming the death of a participant.
The participant provides information and signs a statement of understanding that the information provided may result in closure or a decrease in benefits.
The participant's whereabouts are unknown. FAA received returned mail indicating no known forwarding address.
FAA verifies that a participant has been determined eligible for CA in another state.
FAA has confirmed the death of the CA payee and no CA emergency payee is available.
The participant requested either in writing or verbally that their benefits be stopped. (See CA Voluntary Withdrawal)
The participant has been admitted to a facility where their needs are being met. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Placement in skilled nursing care
Intermediate care (Extended care)
Long term hospitalization (Not expected to return home)
(See CA EBT Representative and TEOA Overview when the PI is not in the home)
State or federal governments initiate changes that affect a significant portion of the entire caseload. (See Mass Changes)
The TPEP benefit is withheld or the TPEP case closes because of noncompliance with Jobs. (See TPEP Noncompliance)
A participant has been found to commit an Intentional Program Violation.
A CA child is removed from the home as a result of a court order or voluntarily placed in foster care by the child's legal guardian.